Buy Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Fire in Malaysia

Why can't I buy Kindle in Malaysia?

buy kindle in malaysia

Similar to Singapore, Amazon does not ship Kindle to Malaysia too, but there is a way for you to buy Kindle in Malaysia directly from Amazon online store . This is the objective of this website, to teach you how to buy Kindle in Malaysia.


Buying Kindle in Malaysia is actually same like how you buy Kindle in Singapore, we have a detailed tutorial for this. Before you proceed to the tutorial, please read the below information and follow by reading the method we have provided in this tutorial: How to Buy Kindle in Singapore?

The method use in buying Kindle in Singapore can also apply for buying Kindle in Malaysia. The only difference is people in Malaysia gets a better option in selecting the package forwarder. As mentioned in the tutorial ‘How to Buy Kindle in Singapore?‘, the Borderlinx forwarding services in Singapore is only open to Citibank credit card holders; but in Malaysia, anybody can use their services and they accept payment via Visa, Master, Amex and Paypal. If you want to buy Kindle in Malaysia using the package forwarder service, I will strongly recommend Comgateway or Borderlinx, because I have experience with many other companies and come to the conclusion that  Comgateway and Borderlinx provide me a reliable service so far, (I engage these two companies are simply because I believe reliability is the most important factor when you engage a forwarder to send you high value item from oversea, of course you may always try other companies at your own risk 🙂


I do hope this tutorial will help you get the best deal of your favorite Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite or Kindle Fire!

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